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What can we learn from The Circle?

Television networks have a mixed relationship with social media. On the one hand, social media has buoyed television. In the olden days, event television was something we shared with our family or our mates. They would physically come to our houses and we would sit around the idiot box and share our opinions with each other. From time to time, we would grab the corded phone and watch Hey Hey together in real time, and while the ads were on we'd...

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My one-sided Mummy War

Stop the presses: Mummy Wars do exist! I know this because I am currently having one. It is a battle of epic proportions. Literal tears have been shed. Each morning I wake with a sense of foreboding, wondering how many men I might lose. I can hear the air raid siren now. But here's the thing about this Mummy War: I'm having it with myself. I'm one of those dastardly mothers who chooses to do "everything". They call us "women who want it...

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Mean Girls: not just a movie

I have some strong feelings about bullying, especially the kind of psychological torment that seems more common in young girls. With that in mind, I took my anger forth and found out a little more about what Australian schools think, and what they're trying to do to combat this kind of behaviour. "The weird thing about hanging out with Regina was that I could hate her, and at the same time, I still wanted her to like me," says Lindsay Lohan in...

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Bloggers and Journalists: not as dissimilar as you may think

If you don't know The Punch, it's essentially an opinion based website comprised of a series of "serious" blogs. Today they are running a story about Blogging and Journalism, and why the two ne'er shall meet. Because journalism is Proper Writing and blogging is Poetry About Dog Poop. With no offense intended to Allison Lee, I have a lot of problems with this piece. Much has been made of the demise of the mainstream media. Popular opinion would have us believe news...

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Proposal: “I Don’t Want to Get Sick” Days

When I arrived at work this morning and pushed open the door, I found myself inside a dense cloud. As I walked down the corridor, I heard a classic winter chorus: coughing, sneezing and loogie hocking. In stereo. The cloud followed me to my office, pointing its germy fingers in my eyes and trying to get its bacteria laden hands down my shirt. I raced to my desk, trying to erect a forcefield with my mind, but in actuality just...

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The time a man assaulted me for bread

Every Saturday morning I visit a little French bakery and buy bread. I do this because I am Juliette Binoche but also because the bread is astounding and the man who runs it speaks in the most wonderful lilting French accent and sometimes I catch myself saying merci beaucoup! to him and I have to junk punch myself. This bakery has created a false scarcity of one product in particular: the potato and herb cob. Each day they produce exactly two loaves....

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The perfect notebook / a writers’ blockade

Should you find yourself brave enough to open the cupboards in my home office, you might also be buried alive under a cascade of notebooks. All kinds: small spiral bound ones with thick blue lines, big ones with watercolour paper, medium sized ones with graph paper. My favourite is an A3 unlined Moleskine. Oh, the ideas I had in store for that notebook!

The thing is, not one of them has more than a few pages of notes and ideas inside. They are “could have” notebooks. There is a notebook for the first book I never wrote. There is a notebook for the first business plan I never finished. There is a notebook for poetry that could be finished but might not be (who knows with poetry?). Each time I set out to achieve something, I bought a new notebook for it, as if the notebook itself contained the magic I needed to follow through.

Facebook promotions: DOs and DON’Ts

Every day I see at least a dozen Facebook promotions being run in ways that contravene Facebook's terms and conditions. At Christmas time last year, Chadstone ran a huge in-store promotion with mega prizes that must have cost a fortune to run - but didn't adhere to (or apparently even look at) what was required of them by Facebook. If you break the rules, Facebook can shut your page down. No warning. No undoozies. Kaput. Gone. So, I wrote this piece for Nett...

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The Not Jane Austen Book Club

I've gone over my tweet limit for the first time ever, so in lieu of writing challenging and exciting snippets of =<140 characters, I thought I would broach the subject of a kind of bloggy book club ring (trademark pending). I love to read, possibly even more so since I got a Kindle. But I love to talk as well, and book clubs are the perfect way for me to both read and talk. Read and talk! But at different times! Would you like...

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Blogging isn’t traditional media, so treat it differently

When talking about blogging and the monetisation of blogs, people have oft used "but journalists do it too" as an argument in its favour. For example, dude gets free tickets to a movie premiere and then reviews said movie for his newspaper. Or, woman has a job at a large media conglomerate, as long as she speaks favourably about the mining tax. How does it relate to blogging? Mainstream journalism in this country is, in a lot of ways, driven by advertising...

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My imagination Grandpa left me

Contains possible triggers

I had another grandfather. His name was Dean. He died before I was born, in 1980.

Dad always told me that he had died of lung cancer. Upon reflection, his story was changeable. “He had a kidney thing.” or “He had a brain haemorrhage.” I imagined what my life might have been like if he hadn’t died, if I had had two sets of grandparents instead. In my six-year-old imagination, Grandpa – that is what my older cousins had called him – and I played football in the park and went to the movies (he always let me get a Choc Top). In my ten-year-old imagination, he listened to me talk about how annoying my little sister was (he always paid attention to me).