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Where I say thank you whilst crying

Yesterday my Pozible project ended.

If you click through, you’ll see that an incredible amount was pledged. $3,851 worth of backing, well, me.

The target was $6,000, so I didn’t quite get the project funded, but that doesn’t make the support demonstrated any less amazing.

I wanted to offer my sincerest thanks to those 72 people who thought that what I wanted to achieve was worth putting actual dollars into. Especially Rose Wintergreen, Sam Quigley and Sarah Moran, who believed in my goal more than I did.

As the project due to a close with no obvious sign that it would be funded, I was surprised by my actual crying at the computer. Not because I was disappointed, but because I was pretty much completely overwhelmed by how many people actually gave a shit.

In a last minute effort that I left too last minute, more than a thousand dollars was pledged. Neil ruddy Gaiman tweeted a link to my project – it had already closed, but I still did an ugly dance about it.

So thank you for your support. I believe in the importance of this story and will continue to write it, just a bit more slowly. This project may not have given me the funds to take time off to dedicate to writing, but it has given me a serious boost to my motivation and the general smugness required to put words down.


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