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Parenting the little girl with the crazy eyes

I'm quite introspective at the moment, going through that usual crisis of just your bog standard futility of life. Most nights I go to bed just after eight and sit with my back against the wall and spread out across the huge expanse (I got a king size version for my birthday recently) with laptops and books and notes and pencils. I have pretty good intentions to write, or at least outline, but mostly I end up watching old Red...

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Taking the long way home

We had a location shoot today out on the Yarra Valley fringe, so I used the opportunity to take myself and my bad mood on a bit of a drive. The two of us went out through Warrandyte, where a dozen squat old shops sit proud along part of the Yarra that is quite narrow. We drove along a narrow, winding road out to Kangaroo Ground, and at some point I was overwhelmed by anxiety and turned around so I...

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So in summary …

Sometimes life calls for a summary post. It's not always easy to make the words come out in the right order, especially if you've been giving them to NaNoWriMo instead. Georgia Six months ago we went to Georgia's teacher in desperation, to have a go at figuring out why she's lonely and sad. Last week we got the results of the school's monitoring and subsequent assessment. Now we have a list of new people to go and see and ask the same...

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I struggle with tenses. I like the way past tense reads, but I feel like I can represent emotions better in present tense. So the idea I’m kind of working on is to have the first part of the book (about 50,000 words) in past tense, with the story unfolding in a narrative way (though a little fantastical), and then have the second part of the book (about 20,000 words) more like a stream of consciousness.

Clear as mud, right? If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them (on the tenses, not on how bollocks I am at first drafts!).


5 Tips for Winning NaNoWriMo

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I say "doing", but what I mean is "registered for". Last year I wrote about 54,000 words, which officially made me a winner but in actuality made me very tired. Also, none of the words were salvageable. Well, maybe six words. But as a winner, I feel it is my duty to impart my tips for winning. 1. Give your children to someone else I got up at 7am this morning - a public holiday - to...

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What I know about … remembering

I am the kind of person who remembers everything. This is not a good or bad thing and it's not a competition, it's just something that I do. I remember the trivial things. One day I decided to see if I could remember my childhood best friend's phone number, and ten years later I could (but I didn't dial it in case someone weird answered). I have actively tried not to remember my own credit card number, because the only thing stopping...

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