Bye now!

So, here’s the thing. I’ve decided to stop blogging here. Not in a tantrum way, I promise. At the moment I’m working on some writing projects that I really love, and there isn’t enough space in my brain hole to blog as well. It’s not just the writing either, it’s the thinking of something new to talk about all the time. Honestly, I have enough trouble thinking of something to feed the kids every day.

I have difficulty writing about the present (mostly because it’s so uninteresting) which means I perch on my chair and wonder which terrific anecdote from my life I can throw out, but it turns out that is quite draining. And also I need to draw on those experiences for the book I’m working on, which may or may not be finished in 2013 but which deserves a good crack nevertheless.

Things I will continue to do:

Without labouring the point, it has been a real pleasure to meet so many other wonderful bloggers while I’ve been writing here. Excellent writers, great friends, amazing supporters. Now I will just stalk you on your blogs and on Twitter because that is the kind of needy that I am.



I’m Anna, a digital strategist and writer who likes to drink 'Ice Tea' but doesn't understand why it's not called 'Iced Tea'. By night and occasionally morning, I eat things, write things, berate my children, walk my dogs and hug my chocolate.

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  1. Oh Anna ! I’m a bit sad but I can relate. It can be draining writing about emtoional stuff, and sometimes there’s no room to write on a daily basis. I’m glad for this blog as it meant I found you, and I’m glad you’re continuing to sprinkle your words around other places.

    1. Thanks Carly :) I agree, it can be incredibly hard to write about the emotional side of life on a regular basis, and since that is evidently the only thing I know how to write about, I’m just a bit fatigued! x

  2. I will definitely miss your eclectic words and stories BUT can’t wait to be able to read what you are working on so I hope you can share one day!
    I have given up blogging a few times in the past, and always returned. Now I don’t pressure myself to blog I just do it when I am so inclined. It is less draining and consuming that way.
    Good luck with your writing and will stalk you on twitter x

  3. I an completely understand your need to do this Anna. That’s why a while back I wrote a post on the concept of “slow blogging” that I was introduced to. Its a great way of not having to feel guilty about not being someone who posts to a schedule :)

    I wish you so much luck in your writing adventures as well – you are so talented so I know this will pay off for you xx

  4. I totally get this. I feel like I’m pushing shit up a hill half the time because I have my fingers in so many tiny, digital pies. My money’s on you actually pulling a draft together while I’m still in this position this time next year. Oh internet, why are you so free and easy and yet, not?

    1. That’s how I felt too Karen – doing so many little digital things but not being able to commit to them fully, which drives me nuts. This week I’ve felt so much more able to work on the projects that will (I hope) really flourish with some extra attention.