About Anna

10259920_680780875317304_7083183100238279860_nThere you are! Hello!

I’m Anna. I’m a writer and social media strategist. I do some freelance work and some work on magazines. The magazines I work on have cars and boats and motorbikes and other things in them.

The rest of the time I write and shout. To see other things that I’ve written or to get in touch with me, please visit this page or find me on Twitter.

I am represented by Jo Butler at Cameron’s Management. This year, Picador will publish my first novel (title TBC). In 2017, they will publish my second novel, about a man who loses his wife in a shell.

I write about brains and books and books about brains. I am always happy to receive ARCs and galleys and general bookery for consideration for review.

I like a lot of things and people. I like to sing. I like British panel shows. I suppose that’s not a lot of things, but it’s more than zero.