Hire Anna

I will consider very select, extremely targeted, totally infrequent and only completely relevant sponsored content that is designed to drive crying.

I’m a digital strategist, writer, social media community manager and front-end developer. So, a general all-round digital lass. That’s why my business is called One Woman Digital. I work with clients of all shapes and sizes across many different industries.

I have worked with brands like Toyota AFL, Monash University, Neighbours, Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix, Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, SPC, Bosch, Shannon’s, AAMI, Bingle and a bunch of great government agencies and departments. My work has been in a number of offline and online publications. You can see some of that work here.

The kinds of things I am available for are:

  • feature writing (on digital, technology, parenting, mental health and just being sad)
  • digital marketing and strategy
  • marketing and advertising copywriting
  • social media strategy
  • community management
  • digital research and development
  • website analysis and recommendations
  • front-end development

I have been a digital marketer for 10 years, and have a combined technical and marketing background with journalism thrown in for good measure.

If you have a requirement in one of these areas and would like to chat about it, please shoot me an email or get in touch on Twitter so we can gas bag.