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Some things that are good

Musings on remarkable women

At the seaside

I like to write about the places around me. Probably this is partly because I don’t go to many places, and because my imagination about other places is limited, but also because I like to write about the entirety of a place. Its mood, its want, the way it moves in different seasonal light, the types of footprints that are left on it.

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Book news and other feelings

When I was a little girl, people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am so very lucky to have parents who spent the first eighteen years of my life insisting that I could be anything I wanted. “You can be a supreme court judge! You can be a bus driver! You can be a metaphysicist!” They never told me I could be a digital strategist, but I’m sure if such a thing had existed then, they would have.

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Reality and science!

A couple of months ago, over breakfast, Lily had a revelation. Eyes shining, she threw down her fork, pushed away her plate of scrambled eggs and exclaimed, “I ONLY BELIEVE IN REALITY AND SCIENCE!”

I must admit to feeling a little ridiculous for it. Nights of sneaking to replace a tooth with a dollar, wrapping presents “from Santa” in stripes instead of dots, and my children laughing about it behind my back but happily accepting their additional wares.

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Hey tell me what’s going on!

A recap post is the best I can muster just now. I have a cold the size of a whale and it’s making it difficult to even eat chocolate, so you know, typing is next to impossible.

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Little Lily

5 books I read in 2013

Under the big top

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