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Some things that are good

I don't know about you, but I needed to write down some things I actually like for a minute, so I didn't plummet into a kind of oblivion for which I'm not yet ready. So here are five things I like today. 1. We Were Liars. This is the book I'm currently reading at school pickup time. Not to be confused with the book I'm reading at bedtime, which is A Man Called Ove. It is speedy and in all ways YA clever...

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Musings on remarkable women

I had the great pleasure last night of seeing Tara Moss speak at an event Georgia's school had put on. And I'm having a lot of feelings now, so I hope you like sentences that mean nothing and go on forever. I've seen Ms Moss on the telly, of course, and thought her astute and articulate and accomplished. In the flesh, though, she is beyond remarkable. It was in the things she said, yes, and they were compelling and fascinating, but it...

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At the seaside

I like to write about the places around me. Probably this is partly because I don't go to many places, and because my imagination about other places is limited, but also because I like to write about the entirety of a place. Its mood, its want, the way it moves in different seasonal light, the types of footprints that are left on it. At the moment I'm writing a story that's set in Sandringham, which is a bayside suburb of Melbourne....

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Book news and other feelings

You know as well as I do that this post will start with "When I was a little girl." When I was a little girl, people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am so very lucky to have parents who spent the first eighteen years of my life insisting that I could be anything I wanted. "You can be a supreme court judge! You can be a bus driver! You can be a metaphysicist!" They...

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Michael and styrene eggs

Reality and science!

A couple of months ago, over breakfast, Lily had a revelation. Eyes shining, she threw down her fork, pushed away her plate of scrambled eggs and exclaimed, "I ONLY BELIEVE IN REALITY AND SCIENCE!" I must admit to feeling a little ridiculous for it. Nights of sneaking to replace a tooth with a dollar, wrapping presents "from Santa" in stripes instead of dots, and my children laughing about it behind my back but happily accepting their additional wares. Easter was our time...

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Hey tell me what’s going on!

A recap post is the best I can muster just now. I have a cold the size of a whale and it's making it difficult to even eat chocolate, so you know, typing is next to impossible. We had parent-teacher interviews at the girls' new school. Both of their teachers are wonderful, which I knew anyway because I'm "helping" in their food tech classes once a fortnight. I'm not sure how helpful I am, given my tendency to stand around and...

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Little Lily

After watching the Digital Writers' Festival session about things we've memorialised online, I went back and had a look through some old blog posts, starting in 2000 when I was an idiot with the world's most terrible boyfriend. But then I found this, from March 2005, when I was 22. Little Lily, I was just thinking today, as I am wont to do (and you’ll discover this later on, I imagine), because I got a shove in my hip and instead of being...

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5 books I read in 2013

I read quite a few books in 2013. Not as many as I had hoped, but enough to feel like I'd given the year a pretty good read. Here's a list as diverse as I could muster. Burial Rites (336 pages) Hannah Kent Obviously it is not just the book, but also Kent's journey through publication that makes this tale extraordinary. She has chosen a brilliant setting that teems with landscape and characters that are crying out to grace the page, and the...

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Under the big top

On Friday I took my kids to the circus. We'd managed to get to the last day of the holidays without actually doing anything fun (standing in the hallway and shouting "JUST PACK YOUR CLOTHES!" notwithstanding) and I was bobbing around in Mother Guilt Lake. I had those kinds of holidays, when I was a kid. The non-fun ones. I'd go back to school and my friends would talk about how they went to Bali or got a puppy or...

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The opposite of anxiety

You probably haven't read about it on Twitter, but Melbourne is putting on some stunning early spring weather at the moment. To celebrate, and because men impregnate women sometimes, my family came around for lunch yesterday. I'm a nervous wreck on the weekends--it's something about the combination of everyone retreating to their own spaces and the lack of structure and the fear that someone is going to yell at me to clean my room. So usually I stay inside and put...

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