A bit of found poetry from years ago – Anna Spargo-Ryan

A bit of found poetry from years ago

A bit of found poetry from years ago

We stood by the beach, just me and you
and a couple of balloons that were really memories.

We stood in the salty air and it stung my eyes
and I looked to you to take my hurting away
and you hugged me and you were so warm.

We stood there for ages to wait for people to leave
and just let us do the thing with the damn balloons
and I couldn’t stop sobbing sort of like a sea cow
and it was embarrassing, kind of.

We stood and I couldn’t work out how to let go (of my balloon)
and I held the ribbon in my hand forever, which wasn’t long enough
but we had to go
so we left.

Sometimes I see that purple balloon and think of what it was like before
– before there was a purple balloon –
and I can’t remember.

And if you’re wondering why I’m crying it’s because
I can’t let you hate me and leave me
and take my balloon with you.

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