Grandparents’ Day – Anna Spargo-Ryan

Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day

Today was “Special Person’s Day” at the girls’ school, so we went out for breakfast with my mum and dad beforehand.

Lily said the other kids are jealous because she has so many special people to choose from–my parents, Michael’s parents and Gaz’s parents. Six grandparents!

I had two grandparents. I have one now, and she’s in respite care because she can’t get around on her own anymore. Dad’s parents died before I was born.

I lamented this to him this morning. 35 years hence, it’s okay to be frank about it, right? “Your mum only had to hold on a few more years!” I went, my 10-year-old self alone on Grandparents’ Day.

But then my 10-year-old dad sat opposite me.

“She’s so sick she can’t stand,” he said. “But she comes and sits with me in the kitchen anyway, while I cook dinner for everyone. She helps me with my Latin homework.”

And then my 65-year-old dad sat opposite me, crying in a cafe full of people.

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