Deleted scene: the snow – Anna Spargo-Ryan

Deleted scene: the snow

Deleted scene: the snow

We’re going to the snow. Gran took us to get snow jackets. Mine is blue and it’s got a kitten on the back. Fleur wanted a black one but Gran said they don’t make snow jackets in black so she got a yellow one.
She looks like she’s trying to glow in the dark.
Dad gets the car all packed. I’m taking my fluffy slippers and six books because dad’s promised we can have as many hot chocolates as we want. Mum likes hot chocolates even more than I do.
I’ve packed a special book for mum to read with me.
It’s called The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
It’s too babyish for me now but I like reading it with her. She says Sophie is just like me. I think the dad is just like my dad.
When we have all the stuff in the car, Gran comes around to see us off. We’re going for four nights so I bet she will miss us.
Mum’s got her dressing gown on. I think that’s pretty clever. Dressing gowns are like blankets you can take around with you. She will definitely be warm at the snow in her dressing gown.
Fleur gets in the car and starts listening to her Discman before we’ve even left the driveway.
Dad says, Say goodbye to your grandmother!
Bye, Fleur says.
I give Gran a big hug and hide inside her green coat for a minute, and I can hear her breakfast gurgling down her body.
Bye Gran! I say. I’ll miss you!
She sneaks a bit of chocolate into my pocket. Fleur doesn’t get any, which serves her right.
Come on mum, I say. Say goodbye to Gran.
Mum sort of smiles but only with half of her face.
Have you got all your clothes packed? I say. We’re going for four nights!
Then some wind blows past and her dressing gown moves a bit and I can see her PJs underneath.
Mum, I say. You’ve still got your PJs on.
She ties her gown up again and doesn’t say anything.
Dad comes around to my side of the car.
Mum can’t come this time, he says, and kisses me on top of my head.
Why not? I say.
She’s not feeling very well.
I say, Why doesn’t she have some medicine?
Then mum starts crying and dad tells me to hop in, and I do hop in even though I don’t want to.
We drive off and I watch out the back window the whole way down the street and mum is standing there waving and Gran is putting some bags in her car.

It takes nearly all day to get to the snow. We go up a winding road and it must a good snow because there are kids everywhere with their mums and dads.
I get out of the car and make a snowball and throw it at dad.
He makes a snowball too, and he throws it but he pretends to miss me.
Mum likes the cold. I wonder why she didn’t want to come to the snow.
Fleur doesn’t even look out the window. She just sits in the car and listens to her Discman.
When I go back to the car, she turns her music up so loud the people in the next car can probably hear it.
Dad says, Schnitzels for tea?
I don’t really feel like anything but I say yes anyway.
Then I think about Gran’s green coat for four days. When we get home, I give her back the chocolate. It’s so cold at the snow that it hasn’t even melted.

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