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Draft complete!

I have just written the last scene of my book-in-progress, and 'THE END'. It is the strangest feeling, like it might suddenly spring back to unfinished and shout at me until I finish it over and over again. Starting the next one in 3


Adult Christmas (SFW)

When I was a kid, we had big Christmasses. Some years we went to six different places: midnight mass with Roma, who was an old lady with a nativity scene on her fireplace and a pianola; breakfast with mum's friend Sybilla, who made cheesecake and


2013 in review / 2014 in preview

I didn't write a recap of 2012, because I was occupied by being smug about how excellent it had been. I had nothing to get off my chest, no demons to exorcise and no feelings to work through. I was all, "Onwards and upwards, 2013!" Unfortunately,


My first … time drunk

When I was sixteen, I had a lovely, law-abiding boyfriend. He was seventeen, and we went to parties with booze and never drank any of it, because we were such upstanding members of society. When I was seventeen, I had a boyfriend who was in all