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R U OK now?

I'm sorry I haven't responded to the thoughtful and insightful comments on my last post. I want to. I keep looking at them and thinking I have the appropriate way to respond, but I don't. Because here's a thing: writing about R U OK? Day


The Pandora’s Box of mental illness

Triggers, lots. LIFELINE: 13 11 14. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. That's a day when people around the world prevent suicide, I guess. Allegedly. And on Thursday we have R U OK? Day, which is a different kind of day, I guess. Great. Awareness of


The opposite of anxiety

You probably haven't read about it on Twitter, but Melbourne is putting on some stunning early spring weather at the moment. To celebrate, and because men impregnate women sometimes, my family came around for lunch yesterday. I'm a nervous wreck on the weekends--it's something about the


Wedding planning halp

I've vaguely begun to plan a wedding. Mine! It's going to be an autumn Sunday breakfast wedding in our own garden, with bacon and our friends and everyone will have a Bloody Mary and a nap. Due to the fact that I had almost no input


Book review: Questions of Travel

This is my second book review. That's why it's not very good. Also general disdain. Last week I read the multi-award-winning, highly acclaimed tome Questions of Travel, by Michelle de Kretser. I had tried for some time to read it on my Kindle, but after making no


What even is blog?

An anonymous caller from the Gold Coast area decided that I should start my Wednesday with this email: Wow. You are a moron. THe most important thing that I have gathered from reading your blog is that people like you should not be allowed to breed. I



I'm so tired. Not anxious. Not necessarily, anyway. Some days I am happily non-anxious in my corner of the world, eating chocolate and watching Ellen working. But so tired. Because anxiety is tiresome. It's knowing that tomorrow I might wake up and just feel out of sorts, which to most