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I'm so tired. Not anxious. Not necessarily, anyway. Some days I am happily non-anxious in my corner of the world, eating chocolate and watching Ellen working. But so tired. Because anxiety is tiresome. It's knowing that tomorrow I might wake up and just feel out of sorts, which to most


Don’t let it lean too long

Sometimes you spend so much time working that the creative thought just trickles out of you. Somewhere behind your ear is a glossy line like a snail's trail where ideas and magic have slipped away. They hide behind the piano until you're ready to reclaim


Keeping an open mind

Part of the reason I'm not better yet is that I every time I walk into a doctor's office I think, "You couldn't possibly know as much about anxiety as I do." I fight them--and myself--every step of the way. Sometimes I make the choice not


Grandparents’ Day

Today was "Special Person's Day" at the girls' school, so we went out for breakfast with my mum and dad beforehand. Lily said the other kids are jealous because she has so many special people to choose from--my parents, Michael's parents and Gaz's parents. Six grandparents! I had two grandparents.