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Writers Victoria: Session 1

As part of my Quest to Find Meaning, I applied to do a mentorship with Writers Victoria. I love those guys. They are dream enablers, with all those courses to teach you how to satisfy that little person inside you who has always wanted to


Give us some space to think

I am a person with feelings. Maybe more feelings than is strictly necessary, but that is neither here nor there. The internet is full of people with feelings. Strong feelings. It is a hive of hyper-awareness, a rushing river of emotionally charged issues. When the internet


The danger of expectation

Unfortunately, speaking about mental illness in an online space doesn't cure you of that mental illness. Sometimes people ask me to talk about my anxiety in a public forum. I have no anxiety about being the centre of attention or speaking in front of a large


Cats of the Round Table

You know the way an animal can come in and tear out your heart in only two weeks? It seems ridiculous, like looking for an excuse to be sad about something. Lament the sickness of the kitten, the money you will have to spend, the decisions


Silly sentences

Lily is something of an internet entrepreneur, in the sense that she wants people to pay attention to things she is doing on the computer. If you have Powerpoint and you would like to make a girl's day, would you download the file below, fill it