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My 300 words a day

I finally have the house to myself. On Monday I will be back in the office. Four long weeks of school holidays behind me, but of course now that the children are with their dad I have the sting of I didn't take them to enough fun


A Tooth Fairytale

We had some Big Dramz at my place last night. If you've ever wondered why you might need an ex-husband, one of the reasons is that he will occasionally come to your house, sit on your couch and then accidentally elbow your mutual child in


Well, this is awkward

A month ago I posted about how I didn't want to blog anymore because I was wasting all of my good ideas on you fine people and didn't I have better things to do? Maybe I was hasty. I did a lot of things last year. I


Bye now!

So, here's the thing. I've decided to stop blogging here. Not in a tantrum way, I promise. At the moment I'm working on some writing projects that I really love, and there isn't enough space in my brain hole to blog as well. It's not


The shitty old car

Gaz has a new car. As with most things, I will now use this as an excuse to be introspective and disproportionately emotional about something. He had his old car - the most disastrous 17-year-old Honda with 400,000km on the clock and paint peeling like sunburn and


Mornings at my house

ME [in bed]: Get out of bed everyone! KIDS: Okay! Here we go! Now our uniforms are on! ME [in bed]: Oh. Er. Feed the dogs! KIDS: Okay! We've done that! Yay! ME [still in bed]: Right! Well, I guess just watch TV or something? ME SLEEPS. FIFTEEN MINUTES PASS. ME FLIES OUT OF BED, CRYING. ME: We're


Pulitzers are just hope killers

In the immediate future, I will only be able to offer you brief summaries of what is going on in life. I read four Pulitzer-winning books this week and now everything I do is a waste of the internet, obviously. Tip: if you want to



I struggle with tenses. I like the way past tense reads, but I feel like I can represent emotions better in present tense. So the idea I'm kind of working on is to have the first part of the book (about 50,000 words) in past