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Just the two kids, thanks.

In the moments before I woke up this morning, I had a little dream. Two plastic sticks on a table in front of me: on the left, one line; on the right, two lines. A few seconds spent with a new life. When I did blink


Something I write sometimes

JustB is one of the most beautiful, delightful websites in the world. It may therefore come as a surprise to you to learn that I write a fortnightly column for them wherein they let me whine about things that are annoying in my room, society


A little Probloggery

Sometimes my mental illness offends people. Like if I we're having a conversation and I suddenly find it hard to make eye contact with you because on the other side of my eyeballs is my brain going, "Oh Jesus it's hot in here! Is anyone else


Muffins, old and new!

Posting recipes isn't really my thing - usually I write about other people's food - but I've been doing a little muffin gloating on Twitter and some folk have asked for the recipe. Ergo, here it is. Basic muffin recipe Pop all these ingredients in a bowl


A proud mother moment

I've often used this blog to talk about my elder daughter, and how often I worry that I'm not doing the right thing by her. She is clever as hell and beautiful like a painting. Yesterday, Georgia brought home her NAPLAN results. I don't know if you can see them,


This is the next chapter

I thought I should keep this in until I was sure I wanted to write it, just in case. You know, history dictates a strong likelihood of pearshapedness. Back in April, I asked Gaz to leave and then I cried for about a week without even


It is almost R U OK? Day again. Hm. Go on, ask me if I'm okay. Let's roleplay. YOU: Anna, R U OK? ME: No, I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14 and exhaust myself every day just trying not to let the anxiety overwhelm me. YOU: Oh. ME: Now what happens? YOU: Call Lifeline? ME:


Evening the score

I used to fight with my mum like it was a life force. We would go hammer and tongs, I thought. But actually I would go hammer and tongs and she would wonder what exactly she had done wrong and I would wonder why she didn't


My Love Project

I was compelled to work on a love project by the most encouraging and delightful woman on earth, Bernadette Jiwa. The publication that will eventually become Bide Magazine had been milling around in my brain for years. When I was a little kid I created a