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When I was 19, I was engaged to a man I had known for less time than it took the kettle to boil. We lived together in a tiny flat that backed against the train line and had a courtyard just big enough for the


Where I say thank you whilst crying

Yesterday my Pozible project ended. If you click through, you'll see that an incredible amount was pledged. $3,851 worth of backing, well, me. The target was $6,000, so I didn't quite get the project funded, but that doesn't make the support demonstrated any less amazing. I wanted to offer


Good days and bad days

When you have an anxiety disorder, sometimes feeling bad isn’t that different from feeling good. When you feel bad, you wait for the moment of panic to take hold and throw you around until you wish you could cut out your brain and rinse it


My one-sided Mummy War

Stop the presses: Mummy Wars do exist! I know this because I am currently having one. It is a battle of epic proportions. Literal tears have been shed. Each morning I wake with a sense of foreboding, wondering how many men I might lose. I can


Mean Girls: not just a movie

I have some strong feelings about bullying, especially the kind of psychological torment that seems more common in young girls. With that in mind, I took my anger forth and found out a little more about what Australian schools think, and what they're trying to