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Facebook promotions: DOs and DON’Ts

Every day I see at least a dozen Facebook promotions being run in ways that contravene Facebook's terms and conditions. At Christmas time last year, Chadstone ran a huge in-store promotion with mega prizes that must have cost a fortune to run - but didn't adhere


The Not Jane Austen Book Club

I've gone over my tweet limit for the first time ever, so in lieu of writing challenging and exciting snippets of =<140 characters, I thought I would broach the subject of a kind of bloggy book club ring (trademark pending). I love to read, possibly even more


My imagination Grandpa left me

Contains possible triggers I had another grandfather. His name was Dean. He died before I was born, in 1980. Dad always told me that he had died of lung cancer. Upon reflection, his story was changeable. "He had a kidney thing." or "He had a brain haemorrhage."


Why? Because fuck you!

There are mornings with children that are not unlike punching yourself in the eye over and over. Then there is this morning, which was a bit like if I'd dipped my fist in a bucket of acid piranhas covered in nails, and rather than just punching myself in


Please, no fairytale endings

There are two types of men in the world: those who are grown-ups and form their own opinions about relationships through years of experience and insight; and those who learned everything they know about women from an issue of Dolly they read twenty years ago. Run-on


A bit of first drafting

I go to Malvern to meet with a couple from New Zealand. They’re both gorgeous. I feel plain and unpleasant. He is a builder and a rugby player. She works in marketing. They have a Rottweiler. Their rugby friends come around a lot, they tell