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Shooting (not myself)

This is a huge week at work, and I'm not going to have time to write. Not writing is like not eating. Or like eating capsicums or something that I hate. When I don't write, my brain feels full and cloudy. The moral of the


Slowing down

This morning I sat inside a cliche and breathed the air: a pond with floating Mallard ducks, a weeping maple and a half rotten park bench with a dedication to someone's lost love. I wasn't late for work, but I knew I could be. I


6:53am – bam, out the door!

You guys, the most incredible thing happened this morning. I'm struggling to process it even now, several hours later. Someone else took my children to school. This is how beautiful the sky looks when you get out of bed and no one says "Mum, I spilled the


I’ve stopped Pinning

I was suckered in, like many others, by Pinterest's proverbial flashing lights and spinning wheels, by which I mean its pictures of things more beautiful than anything I could ever hope to have in my own house. The beauty of it was simple: if I