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Coffee shop conversation

OLD MAN (to barista): It's really good fun though, you have to give it a go. BARISTA: No, yeah, I definitely will! OLD MAN: But actually. BARISTA: I promise. Exit OLD MAN BARISTA'S FRIEND: You know you actually have to now. You promised. BARISTA: haha fuck no!


Being mobile

This was my office this morning - a little round table at Chosen Bean in Ferntree Gully. I had planned to go to Chadstone and plonk myself in my usual corner of Capital Kitchen, next to the powerpoint, but I turned right and headed east instead. It


“Heathered” – writing exercise

The name Heather has featured in a lot of my writing, and she's always the same sort of character: self-loathing, lost, lonely. One day I hope she'll come out full fledged. This challenge was to choose a random sentence from a nearby paperback, then write a



My daughters are remarkable. I say that all the time, because I am their mother, and then I follow it with "but they really are remarkable!" because, as discussed, I am their mother. This morning - Easter Sunday morning - they picked up their chocolate bunnies, bit



"At the moment there is only bad crying." "What is good crying?" "It's the kind that makes you feel better." The crying I do right now doesn't make me feel better. It comes with a heavy weight that lodges on my chest and it makes the room feel


On being “brave”

Yesterday, Mamamia ran a story of mine. It's almost prose, just a retelling of a time in my life about three years ago when Gaz and I found ourselves pregnant and at loggerheads. You can read it, if you like. Since it was posted, many people


Dandenong World Fare

Sometimes I am dragged from the comfort of my house, kicking and screaming. But other times I go of my own free will, and today was one of those days. I bundled my family (and extras) into the car, laughed as they tried to squeeze


Lily: expert manipulator

Lily is "cleaning" the rumpus room. Georgia is overseeing, but not cleaning. LILY: I'm sorry it's taking so long Georgia. I'm just not as skilled as you. GEORGIA: (sadly) I know. (proceeds to clean the whole room) Lily is becoming an expert in pandering to ego.



This morning, I dropped the kids off at Before School Care, as I do every morning. After I'd signed them in and hugged them and bid them adieu, the lovely woman who runs it pulled me aside. "I've been trying to decide whether to show you this,"