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Book Outline

Today, I wrote words on 50 pieces of paper and arranged them in a partially chronological, partially emotional rollercoaster way. I created the outline of my book. I know it is the outline of my book because I wrote "BOOK OUTLINE" on the first page in


Coffee shop conversation

OLD MAN (to barista): It's really good fun though, you have to give it a go. BARISTA: No, yeah, I definitely will! OLD MAN: But actually. BARISTA: I promise. Exit OLD MAN BARISTA'S FRIEND: You know you actually have to now. You promised. BARISTA: haha fuck no!


Being mobile

This was my office this morning - a little round table at Chosen Bean in Ferntree Gully. I had planned to go to Chadstone and plonk myself in my usual corner of Capital Kitchen, next to the powerpoint, but I turned right and headed east instead. It


“Heathered” – writing exercise

The name Heather has featured in a lot of my writing, and she's always the same sort of character: self-loathing, lost, lonely. One day I hope she'll come out full fledged. This challenge was to choose a random sentence from a nearby paperback, then write a



My daughters are remarkable. I say that all the time, because I am their mother, and then I follow it with "but they really are remarkable!" because, as discussed, I am their mother. This morning - Easter Sunday morning - they picked up their chocolate bunnies, bit



"At the moment there is only bad crying." "What is good crying?" "It's the kind that makes you feel better." The crying I do right now doesn't make me feel better. It comes with a heavy weight that lodges on my chest and it makes the room feel


On being “brave”

Yesterday, Mamamia ran a story of mine. It's almost prose, just a retelling of a time in my life about three years ago when Gaz and I found ourselves pregnant and at loggerheads. You can read it, if you like. Since it was posted, many people


Dandenong World Fare

Sometimes I am dragged from the comfort of my house, kicking and screaming. But other times I go of my own free will, and today was one of those days. I bundled my family (and extras) into the car, laughed as they tried to squeeze


Lily: expert manipulator

Lily is "cleaning" the rumpus room. Georgia is overseeing, but not cleaning. LILY: I'm sorry it's taking so long Georgia. I'm just not as skilled as you. GEORGIA: (sadly) I know. (proceeds to clean the whole room) Lily is becoming an expert in pandering to ego.