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Book Review: Yes Please

It's hard to resist the comparison between this book and Lena Dunham's, not least because Amy Poehler herself refers to it in her introduction (alongside other wonderful books like Tina Fey's Bossypants). I will start by saying that I didn't think Yes Please was very funny. I mean,


My dad is a mapmaker

At the end of this story, I'm going to recommend that you buy this book that my clever friend Al wrote. Fair warning. When I was six, I had the greatest birthday party ever. Everyone from my class came, because when you're in Prep (which is called Reception



When I was born, my Nan was 76 and had hair like buttercream. She had been waiting for me, she said, as I'm sure she did of all of her great-grandchildren. I knew I was her favourite because she let her hands rest on my


My nanna the mortal

A while ago, Michael's grandfather died. He was in his mid-90s and had been deteriorating for some time. Nothing specific, just age and frailty. I called my nanna and told her of this. It's sad, I said, but he had a good life. She was perplexed. Why did


Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl

Late in the night, I sometimes click on New Post and unravel two-to-three hundred words of some memory I have: bushwalking with shoes full of leeches, the vinyl couches in my childhood doctor's waiting room, buying clay from the little studio down the road. I love



The bleeding starts on a Wednesday morning. We are sitting at the counter, and he is drinking coffee and I am drinking orange juice, and through the window we can see the breaking waves. We are drinking and watching and talking, and if I let


Book review: The Wife Drought

Did you know that women who earn more than 66% of the total household income actually spend more time doing housework than women who earn 50% of the total household income? The Wife Drought offers this and all manner of other depressing factoids, and they are