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The homesick agoraphobe

For the first seventeen years of my life, I hung around in a very nice part of the world called the City of Burnside. I was born in Burnside Hospital, and for seventeen years never lived more than three kilometres away from it. My friends


On “trauma”, and therapy

For the past few weeks I have been trying a new therapy with my long-suffering psychologist. I've been seeing her since 2009, hoping she could pop my heart back into place, then looking for some direction in life, then having a mental breakdown, then just


Book review: We Are Called to Rise

With thanks to Bookworld for sending me this tale. Buy their books you guys! I'm reading this right now. 3.5 stars. We Are Called to Rise calls itself "a story about a child's fate", and that is the crux of it. Told from the perspective of four people, in


When someone gets off the boat

Beware: triggers lurk here. I've never cried at a celebrity death. In fact, I've watched others do it with some disgust, like, Why are you making this about you? I've never read a celebrity's death notice and thought, here is something that affects me personally, me, this person


Levelling Up

On the weekend, we carefully introduced the kids to a core function of our lives. A veritable smorgasbord of imagination. A fundamental element of our ongoing happiness. The best -- nay, only -- way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. Roleplaying. The game of choice was Pathfinder, a


Book review: The Eye of the Sheep

Book marketers take note: I bought this one solely because of Emily Maguire's testimonial on the cover. I couldn't find that version anywhere on the internet, so here is a terrible scan for you. "A sparkling, heartfelt wonder," she says. I was in the bookshop at