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What Peaches Geldof did

When it comes to dying of a drug overdose, you can expect to be thought of, postmortem, in one of two ways. Here is a quiz to help you predict the media fallout after your untimely demise: 1. Do you come from a family of drug


Getting divorced

I'm getting divorced. If this sounds strange to you, it's because my husband and I have been separated for nearly eight years. Twice as long as we were a couple. This year would be our 11th wedding anniversary. We've been married for more than a third


Book review: The Strays

This is a tidy little story that follows Lily and her friend Eva through a period in the 1930s, when they are living in a house that has essentially become an artists' commune. There is plenty to like about it: the writing is neat and


To my childhood

The Ubud Writers' Festival and Women of Letters have combined to create a digital space for people who want to write things to other things. This month's theme is To my childhood, and as I am a Women of Letters stalker (the most exciting thing about