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Book review: When the Night Comes

Favel Parrett's first book, Past the Shallows, remains one of the most starkly beautiful pieces of fiction I've ever read. So it was with (let's face it) an invasive level of enthusiasm that I went after her second book. And then read it in three hours,


Where there is depression

Where there is depression there are not many other things. It drapes itself across like an unwelcome former girlfriend, all buffed and glossed and tempting -- the ease of it, how very simple it would be to slide right back into her, to slip beneath the


We are not balloons

You know that movie 50 First Dates? That's what living in the moment looks like. A man called Eckhart Tolle said, in his book The Power of Now: ‘You can always cope with the now’. In 2011, this man was labelled "the most spiritually influential person in the world". Quotes like


At the seaside

I like to write about the places around me. Probably this is partly because I don't go to many places, and because my imagination about other places is limited, but also because I like to write about the entirety of a place. Its mood, its


Book review: Only the Animals

Anyone who ever went to primary school will be familiar with the notion of writing from an animal's perspective. Generally, mine went something like this: My fur is hot and matted, but I have to find the mouse. He's here somewhere. I can hear his little


The instillation of fear

Tracey Spicer wrote an article. Yes she did. In her article, she talks about making decisions for her child based on an emotional response. In this case, she would prefer that her child not sit next to a man on a plane, because of the (very


Treat yourself.

Georgia has been on holidays for four weeks, waiting for the adults to find the right place for her. Lily trudges off to school with heavy reluctance, and I take Georgia out for breakfast and we sit and talk like adults: what are you doing


Writing Prompt #14

Something for the senses. What is this? Some folk and I were talking on my Facebook page about flash fiction, and how it is super fun but can be hard to get started. So, to (hopefully) help your writing brain warm up, I upload a weekly writing prompt. There’s no pressure


Reality and science!

A couple of months ago, over breakfast, Lily had a revelation. Eyes shining, she threw down her fork, pushed away her plate of scrambled eggs and exclaimed, "I ONLY BELIEVE IN REALITY AND SCIENCE!" I must admit to feeling a little ridiculous for it. Nights of