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Actual Work

Facebook promotions: DOs and DON’Ts

Every day I see at least a dozen Facebook promotions being run in ways that contravene Facebook's terms and conditions. At Christmas time last year, Chadstone ran a huge in-store promotion with mega prizes that must have cost a fortune to run - but didn't adhere


Shooting (not myself)

This is a huge week at work, and I'm not going to have time to write. Not writing is like not eating. Or like eating capsicums or something that I hate. When I don't write, my brain feels full and cloudy. The moral of the


Sam “Ramsay Street” Simmons

Here's a sneaky sneak peek at what I've been spending my time working on: That is comedian Sam Simmons and not-real-doctor Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) in the Neighbours cafeteria. We are doing the craziest rubbish. It's the best thing I've ever worked on. It's pretty hard to


I talk to my dog about boobs

Here's an excerpt of a piece I wrote for Mamamia on the superficiality of breast implants: After reading an article a little while ago about women’s superficiality in the matter of breast implants, I became flummoxed, furrowing my brow and scratching my noggin. Why was it, I thought,


Being mobile

This was my office this morning - a little round table at Chosen Bean in Ferntree Gully. I had planned to go to Chadstone and plonk myself in my usual corner of Capital Kitchen, next to the powerpoint, but I turned right and headed east instead. It