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Beautiful Things

My nanna the mortal

A while ago, Michael's grandfather died. He was in his mid-90s and had been deteriorating for some time. Nothing specific, just age and frailty. I called my nanna and told her of this. It's sad, I said, but he had a good life. She was perplexed. Why did


At the seaside

I like to write about the places around me. Probably this is partly because I don't go to many places, and because my imagination about other places is limited, but also because I like to write about the entirety of a place. Its mood, its


Reality and science!

A couple of months ago, over breakfast, Lily had a revelation. Eyes shining, she threw down her fork, pushed away her plate of scrambled eggs and exclaimed, "I ONLY BELIEVE IN REALITY AND SCIENCE!" I must admit to feeling a little ridiculous for it. Nights of


Little Lily

After watching the Digital Writers' Festival session about things we've memorialised online, I went back and had a look through some old blog posts, starting in 2000 when I was an idiot with the world's most terrible boyfriend. But then I found this, from March 2005,


Under the big top

On Friday I took my kids to the circus. We'd managed to get to the last day of the holidays without actually doing anything fun (standing in the hallway and shouting "JUST PACK YOUR CLOTHES!" notwithstanding) and I was bobbing around in Mother Guilt Lake.