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Beautiful Things

The opposite of anxiety

You probably haven't read about it on Twitter, but Melbourne is putting on some stunning early spring weather at the moment. To celebrate, and because men impregnate women sometimes, my family came around for lunch yesterday. I'm a nervous wreck on the weekends--it's something about the


Wedding planning halp

I've vaguely begun to plan a wedding. Mine! It's going to be an autumn Sunday breakfast wedding in our own garden, with bacon and our friends and everyone will have a Bloody Mary and a nap. Due to the fact that I had almost no input


Don’t let it lean too long

Sometimes you spend so much time working that the creative thought just trickles out of you. Somewhere behind your ear is a glossy line like a snail's trail where ideas and magic have slipped away. They hide behind the piano until you're ready to reclaim


Who inspires you … (my mum)

When I was a kid in the 80s—when we were allowed to say things like “women can achieve anything”—teachers often asked us to write about women who inspired us. Groundbreakers, usually, women who had done things no other woman had done before. The first woman


Lily, card maker.

Lily has been busily making a birthday card for my mum. I am quite impressed by the poetry of the greeting: nanna, dear nanna. This sets the tone of the card nicely - it is a serious reflection on just how important Lily's nanna is in her


A little Probloggery

Sometimes my mental illness offends people. Like if I we're having a conversation and I suddenly find it hard to make eye contact with you because on the other side of my eyeballs is my brain going, "Oh Jesus it's hot in here! Is anyone else