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Book Review: Six Bedrooms

Six Bedrooms by Tegan Bennett Daylight Published by Random House (Vintage) 240 pages Short story collections are something of a livre de jour, and this is a well-deserved player in this arena, unlike this clunky metaphor I've dragged from the recesses of my Sunday afternoon brain. I am 100%


Book Review: Yes Please

It's hard to resist the comparison between this book and Lena Dunham's, not least because Amy Poehler herself refers to it in her introduction (alongside other wonderful books like Tina Fey's Bossypants). I will start by saying that I didn't think Yes Please was very funny. I mean,


Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl

Late in the night, I sometimes click on New Post and unravel two-to-three hundred words of some memory I have: bushwalking with shoes full of leeches, the vinyl couches in my childhood doctor's waiting room, buying clay from the little studio down the road. I love


Book review: The Wife Drought

Did you know that women who earn more than 66% of the total household income actually spend more time doing housework than women who earn 50% of the total household income? The Wife Drought offers this and all manner of other depressing factoids, and they are


Book review: We Are Called to Rise

With thanks to Bookworld for sending me this tale. Buy their books you guys! I'm reading this right now. 3.5 stars. We Are Called to Rise calls itself "a story about a child's fate", and that is the crux of it. Told from the perspective of four people, in


Book review: The Eye of the Sheep

Book marketers take note: I bought this one solely because of Emily Maguire's testimonial on the cover. I couldn't find that version anywhere on the internet, so here is a terrible scan for you. "A sparkling, heartfelt wonder," she says. I was in the bookshop at


Book review: The Strays

This is a tidy little story that follows Lily and her friend Eva through a period in the 1930s, when they are living in a house that has essentially become an artists' commune. There is plenty to like about it: the writing is neat and


Book review: When the Night Comes

Favel Parrett's first book, Past the Shallows, remains one of the most starkly beautiful pieces of fiction I've ever read. So it was with (let's face it) an invasive level of enthusiasm that I went after her second book. And then read it in three hours,


Book review: Only the Animals

Anyone who ever went to primary school will be familiar with the notion of writing from an animal's perspective. Generally, mine went something like this: My fur is hot and matted, but I have to find the mouse. He's here somewhere. I can hear his little