“A child like Georgia.”

Georgia's behaviour is deteriorating rapidly. Last week, I parked my car on the side of the road and it was raining and I was howling into my Bluetooth. "Hello," I said, "I have a daughter who is having some difficulty with her current school, and I was hoping


Adult Christmas (SFW)

When I was a kid, we had big Christmasses. Some years we went to six different places: midnight mass with Roma, who was an old lady with a nativity scene on her fireplace and a pianola; breakfast with mum's friend Sybilla, who made cheesecake and


Massagers; A Play by Anna Spargo-Ryan

INT. Anna's living room LILY spots the gifted pleasure device charging on ANNA's desk. LILY: What is this? ANNA [panicking]: It's a massager. LILY: Oh right. I think I've seen these before. ANNA: Yeah, ha-ha. LILY has a closer look at pleasure device. LILY: I found one at the old house, in your drawer. It was just sitting

Under the big top

On Friday I took my kids to the circus. We'd managed to get to the last day of the holidays without actually doing anything fun (standing in the hallway and shouting "JUST PACK YOUR CLOTHES!" notwithstanding) and I was bobbing around in Mother Guilt Lake.


Grandparents’ Day

Today was "Special Person's Day" at the girls' school, so we went out for breakfast with my mum and dad beforehand. Lily said the other kids are jealous because she has so many special people to choose from--my parents, Michael's parents and Gaz's parents. Six grandparents! I had two grandparents.


Look, blue sky!

I didn't make it to the concert and I feel amazing. It's confusing. Although I didn't make it, I actually got further than I have done in months, so I feel a million bucks. Though I missed the concert, what I got was the sense that I won't


Empty spaces

When I was 15, I sang the Hallelujah Chorus. I practised for months, with the choir on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays and in private on all the other days. I sang until I had the notes just exactly right and did the final, enormous dress