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In the news

Billie wins Masterchef, Heston’s heart

More than two million Australians tuned in to watch Billie McKay’s coronation as Masterchef Queen, after she pipped runner-up Georgia Barnes in a doozy of a final challenge. With Georgia leading by four points, we welcomed none other than Heston Blumenthal to the kitchen. The dish?


When someone gets off the boat

Beware: triggers lurk here. I've never cried at a celebrity death. In fact, I've watched others do it with some disgust, like, Why are you making this about you? I've never read a celebrity's death notice and thought, here is something that affects me personally, me, this person


What Peaches Geldof did

When it comes to dying of a drug overdose, you can expect to be thought of, postmortem, in one of two ways. Here is a quiz to help you predict the media fallout after your untimely demise: 1. Do you come from a family of drug


The instillation of fear

Tracey Spicer wrote an article. Yes she did. In her article, she talks about making decisions for her child based on an emotional response. In this case, she would prefer that her child not sit next to a man on a plane, because of the (very


“Saner heads prevailed.”

In a move that should shock precisely no one, inexplicable TV anchor David "Kochie" Koch has used his place in the public eye to speak insensitively about something he doesn't understand. So out of character, right? It appears that Kochie decided, as a result of his sanity,