Life – Anna Spargo-Ryan


Free writing: brothel raid

When I was eleven I watched a brothel be raided. It was one of two brothels from my childhood. The first was a neighbour's duplex, a tiny carpeted place in which I babysat her children. She didn't fit my teenage view of sex work: she was


My year that was: a photo essay

At the end of last year, when I was very angry, I wrote down some goals for 2014. Then I literally gave 2013 the finger, ate some pizza with my kids and thought about driving into the sea. I'm pleased to report that 2014 has been kind



When I was born, my Nan was 76 and had hair like buttercream. She had been waiting for me, she said, as I'm sure she did of all of her great-grandchildren. I knew I was her favourite because she let her hands rest on my


My nanna the mortal

A while ago, Michael's grandfather died. He was in his mid-90s and had been deteriorating for some time. Nothing specific, just age and frailty. I called my nanna and told her of this. It's sad, I said, but he had a good life. She was perplexed. Why did