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The bleeding starts on a Wednesday morning. We are sitting at the counter, and he is drinking coffee and I am drinking orange juice, and through the window we can see the breaking waves. We are drinking and watching and talking, and if I let


The homesick agoraphobe

For the first seventeen years of my life, I hung around in a very nice part of the world called the City of Burnside. I was born in Burnside Hospital, and for seventeen years never lived more than three kilometres away from it. My friends


On “trauma”, and therapy

For the past few weeks I have been trying a new therapy with my long-suffering psychologist. I've been seeing her since 2009, hoping she could pop my heart back into place, then looking for some direction in life, then having a mental breakdown, then just


What Peaches Geldof did

When it comes to dying of a drug overdose, you can expect to be thought of, postmortem, in one of two ways. Here is a quiz to help you predict the media fallout after your untimely demise: 1. Do you come from a family of drug


Getting divorced

I'm getting divorced. If this sounds strange to you, it's because my husband and I have been separated for nearly eight years. Twice as long as we were a couple. This year would be our 11th wedding anniversary. We've been married for more than a third


To my childhood

The Ubud Writers' Festival and Women of Letters have combined to create a digital space for people who want to write things to other things. This month's theme is To my childhood, and as I am a Women of Letters stalker (the most exciting thing about


Where there is depression

Where there is depression there are not many other things. It drapes itself across like an unwelcome former girlfriend, all buffed and glossed and tempting -- the ease of it, how very simple it would be to slide right back into her, to slip beneath the