Mentals – Anna Spargo-Ryan



Last Sunday, as the day slipped into dusk, I had a panic attack. I have different kinds - sometimes I just feel like I've breathed too quickly, or like I've slipped on a bit of wet road, and I can sit in a quiet place


grass and grass and grass

I miss standing on a verandah and seeing the way the world reveals itself. Not the neighbours' patio, or the dog across the street, or the chime of the level crossing. Distance. I miss distance. Horizons. I go to the beach every day and they


The sometimes terminal nature of mental illness

Content warning: suicide, the state of mental health support in Australia I read that when creative writing students are starting out, one of the things they write about most is suicide. It’s a "gimmie subject," professors say (their words, not mine!), "like the Holocaust." It’s easy


Four-times tables

8. I was eight when I realised my hand was on backwards, standing in a car park with my friend Fleur, who was a violinist. ‘Isn’t it crazy,’ I said, ‘how you just think about moving your hand and then it moves?’ But it wasn’t strange


Stephen Fry is not a mental illness ally

People talk a lot about intersectionality in feminism at the moment (this is a good thing). Without trying to insult your intelligence, what that means is that the pursuit of women's rights incorporates a multitude of issues that require awareness and understanding of overlaps with feminism


The mercury woman

Yesterday I woke up and I looked at my clock and it said 5:55. Gaz had left for work already, so I lay there on my own and watched the sun come higher and higher through the gaps in the blinds. Our garden is full