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The shitty old car

Gaz has a new car. As with most things, I will now use this as an excuse to be introspective and disproportionately emotional about something. He had his old car - the most disastrous 17-year-old Honda with 400,000km on the clock and paint peeling like sunburn and


The fear of open spaces

I'm an agoraphobe. It's funny, I think pretty much everyone knows what one of those is now. It's become a thing that people are. I'd describe my phobia as "moderate". I'm not housebound (unless I really crack the shits and use it as an excuse to


A little Probloggery

Sometimes my mental illness offends people. Like if I we're having a conversation and I suddenly find it hard to make eye contact with you because on the other side of my eyeballs is my brain going, "Oh Jesus it's hot in here! Is anyone else


This is the next chapter

I thought I should keep this in until I was sure I wanted to write it, just in case. You know, history dictates a strong likelihood of pearshapedness. Back in April, I asked Gaz to leave and then I cried for about a week without even


It is almost R U OK? Day again. Hm. Go on, ask me if I'm okay. Let's roleplay. YOU: Anna, R U OK? ME: No, I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14 and exhaust myself every day just trying not to let the anxiety overwhelm me. YOU: Oh. ME: Now what happens? YOU: Call Lifeline? ME:


Good days and bad days

When you have an anxiety disorder, sometimes feeling bad isn’t that different from feeling good. When you feel bad, you wait for the moment of panic to take hold and throw you around until you wish you could cut out your brain and rinse it