Parenthood – Anna Spargo-Ryan


A Tooth Fairytale

We had some Big Dramz at my place last night. If you've ever wondered why you might need an ex-husband, one of the reasons is that he will occasionally come to your house, sit on your couch and then accidentally elbow your mutual child in


A proud mother moment

I've often used this blog to talk about my elder daughter, and how often I worry that I'm not doing the right thing by her. She is clever as hell and beautiful like a painting. Yesterday, Georgia brought home her NAPLAN results. I don't know if you can see them,



When I was 19, I was engaged to a man I had known for less time than it took the kettle to boil. We lived together in a tiny flat that backed against the train line and had a courtyard just big enough for the


A man’s job

The oak door swung open, and a frantic man charged into the office. "Jack! Jack! My child is sick! The school just called me, I have to go pick her up immediately!" Until then, it had just been a normal day. At his desk, Jack head whipped


Willies and balls (adult content)

The kids' playroom looks like an elephant shat paper and textas, so it's clean out time. I'm one of those tragic parents who keeps every scrap of paper my children have ever breathed on, so I have been thorough in my sorting the wheat from


6:53am – bam, out the door!

You guys, the most incredible thing happened this morning. I'm struggling to process it even now, several hours later. Someone else took my children to school. This is how beautiful the sky looks when you get out of bed and no one says "Mum, I spilled the