Ranting – Anna Spargo-Ryan


Stop it, Mother Nature!

This originally appeared on the now-gone JustB website. Mother Nature, we need to talk. The thing is, down here in the most southern part of the most southern hemisphere, our bones are frozen. We are grey, cold, tired and stiff. Our joints creak when we walk to


We are not balloons

You know that movie 50 First Dates? That's what living in the moment looks like. A man called Eckhart Tolle said, in his book The Power of Now: ‘You can always cope with the now’. In 2011, this man was labelled "the most spiritually influential person in the world". Quotes like


Give us some space to think

I am a person with feelings. Maybe more feelings than is strictly necessary, but that is neither here nor there. The internet is full of people with feelings. Strong feelings. It is a hive of hyper-awareness, a rushing river of emotionally charged issues. When the internet