Storytelling – Page 2 – Anna Spargo-Ryan


My dad is a mapmaker

At the end of this story, I'm going to recommend that you buy this book that my clever friend Al wrote. Fair warning. When I was six, I had the greatest birthday party ever. Everyone from my class came, because when you're in Prep (which is called Reception


Levelling Up

On the weekend, we carefully introduced the kids to a core function of our lives. A veritable smorgasbord of imagination. A fundamental element of our ongoing happiness. The best -- nay, only -- way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. Roleplaying. The game of choice was Pathfinder, a


My first … time drunk

When I was sixteen, I had a lovely, law-abiding boyfriend. He was seventeen, and we went to parties with booze and never drank any of it, because we were such upstanding members of society. When I was seventeen, I had a boyfriend who was in all