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The Other Things

Well, this is awkward

A month ago I posted about how I didn't want to blog anymore because I was wasting all of my good ideas on you fine people and didn't I have better things to do? Maybe I was hasty. I did a lot of things last year. I


Moving to America

A little girl in Georgia's class moved away to America today. They had a party. We bought cupcakes with sugar flowers on them. When we drove to school, Georgia said she was excited about the party. "There will be lamingtons!" she said. At before school care, Anne put the


I’ve stopped Pinning

I was suckered in, like many others, by Pinterest's proverbial flashing lights and spinning wheels, by which I mean its pictures of things more beautiful than anything I could ever hope to have in my own house. The beauty of it was simple: if I


Sunday night

I used to dread Sunday night. Everything from 4pm onwards felt like winding down, and there's nothing I like less than winding down. The feeling of inevitable endings. I used to fear that moment at about 7pm on Sundays when the nighttime crept around and


Coffee shop conversation

OLD MAN (to barista): It's really good fun though, you have to give it a go. BARISTA: No, yeah, I definitely will! OLD MAN: But actually. BARISTA: I promise. Exit OLD MAN BARISTA'S FRIEND: You know you actually have to now. You promised. BARISTA: haha fuck no!