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2016 in writing

Not a lot about 2016 is worth reflecting on, let's be honest. The state of politics worldwide is enough to send a girl hurtling into space, I can't even watch Love, Actually because of Alan Rickman, and the hayfever's been so bad I've resorted to sending


Free writing – 19

We had a party when I turned 19, in the backyard of my friend’s dad’s, who was a church minister. The night before, I’d caught the train from Melbourne to Adelaide, all night in the smoking car with a man who thought he was Jesus


Deleted scene: moving to Gran’s

Dad drives me to Gran's house, even though it's ten minutes on a bus and I've been there a million times. It's just for a few weeks, he says. I've got two suitcases. One has my favourite jeans and some t-shirts and homework in it. School says


Deleted scene: the snow

We’re going to the snow. Gran took us to get snow jackets. Mine is blue and it's got a kitten on the back. Fleur wanted a black one but Gran said they don't make snow jackets in black so she got a yellow one. She looks


A bit of author Q&A (part 3)

Part 1 Part 2   Do you consider story structure, or just let it flow? I have no idea how to consider story structure. I wrote about this for Overland a couple of years ago. Structure does not come naturally to me, and I had to work hard at


A bit of an author Q&A (Part 1)

teehee, author! Now that my book is at the printer, I'm supposed to write about what it was like to write a book. I've written a bunch of things about what I've learned about writing, but this is the first time I've been at this


Free writing: our bodies

This is a little bit I wrote this morning but have decided not to include in the novel, and instead to extrapolate into its own longer story. For five days we sent our bodies into the world without us. On the first day they sat in