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Writing Prompt #14

Something for the senses. What is this? Some folk and I were talking on my Facebook page about flash fiction, and how it is super fun but can be hard to get started. So, to (hopefully) help your writing brain warm up, I upload a weekly writing prompt. There’s no pressure


Writing Prompt #13

As a lover of love, and a writer of magic realism, I was obviously very sorry to hear of the passing of Gabriel García Márquez. How could love ever be fully realised in words without the injection of magic? “The only regret I will have in


Flash fiction: Horses

It's Tuesday. I'm supposed to be at school. Dad's taken me to a park and we're sitting on a bench and he’s holding my hand tight, like I’m about to run away. I've never been to this park before. It's wide and green and on the


Writing prompt #12

No one went in for my currawong song! Evidently I am strange and alone in thinking it inspiring ;) This week's prompt has obviously come out of the grey week we've had in Melbourne. I love to be in the rain, and to be in love


Writing Prompt #11

When I was writing LATKES WITH SYLVIA, I watched this YouTube clip upwards of 100 times. The Currawong's song appears more than once in the story, and the accompaniment of the rain and the leaves makes this more or less my favourite sound in the


Flash fiction: the pier

I wrote this in response to this prompt. It is in the very thickness of night that Ernest Pearce hears it, behind the clanging bell of a ship lost on the waves. Dull at first, metal clanging against fixed metal, a kind of droll sea song.


Writing prompt #10

I must apologise for the tardiness of this prompt. It has been a week of hiding in blankets and hugging children close enough to smell the salt in their eyes. Hello! Some folk and I were talking on my Facebook page about flash fiction, and how it is super