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NaNoWriMo – Day 7

Today I am sick and hiding in my office with the window open, trying to cool my skin, which is on fire. I've written just over 10,000 words, which was par for yesterday, but I've not written anything today. I might, just to see what


How important is story?

Because I am a staggeringly good procrastinator, I read a lot about writing and post a lot on writing forums. This helps me to feel like I'm making progress without actually doing any work. But you see, I'm coming unstuck. People keep saying that the core


If I weren’t mental

If I weren't mental, I'd be spending today in a secret laneway bar with my hand inside a man's pocket and my other hand around a drink with a hipster name like 'Pimms No. 1 jar' (because good drinks come in mason jars, also daisies), and I would be listening