Forthcoming Memoir

When Anna Spargo-Ryan was eight years old, she slipped through time.

The human brain is designed for temporal adventures. They are a critical part of development and a healthy way to comprehend the past, present and future – and ourselves.

But it doesn’t work like that for everyone. The magic of mental time travel can be distorted by trauma and disorder. The past can be forgotten, reshaped and re-remembered.

In this sharp-eyed and illuminating memoir, Spargo-Ryan asks the question: how do we make a self when our tools are busted? Against the backdrop of her own experience, she interrogates identity, how it can be fractured, and what it means to lose it.

Powerfully honest, tender and often funny, this book blends meticulous research with vivid snapshots from a life with serious mental illness.

Coming from Picador in 2021

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