The Gulf: SIGNED copy (limited) – Anna Spargo-Ryan


The Gulf: SIGNED copy (limited)


I have almost none of these left! Thank you for your support of this wee book. If it’s sold out, you can still buy it from Booktopia or direct from Pan Macmillan, and I would be thrilled if you did.

Grab yourself a copy of this critically acclaimed novel to read, or to display in your home (the beaut cover won the 2018 ABDA’s literary fiction cover of the year). Also a great gift for someone who likes books, or reading, or tortoises, or South Australia.

Your copy/ies will be signed by me. If you’d like an inscription as well, please specify the details in the “other” box when you checkout!

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“… a warmhearted novel through which Spargo-Ryan proves again to be a sharp observer of human emotion.”

The Guardian

‘He found an egg at the park so he incubated it and this tortoise hatched out.’

Skye’s sixteen, and her mum’s got yet another new boyfriend. Trouble is, Jason’s bad news. Really bad. Now Mum’s quit her job and they’re all moving north to Port Flinders, population nobody.

‘That’s a Southern Right Whale. They have the largest balls of any animal in the world.’

She’d do anything to keep her ten-year-old brother safe. Things she can’t even say out loud. But maybe she’s in love, too, a bit. Local footy legend Raf has such warm hands. He helps her forget, just for a minute.

‘Ladybirds bleed from their knees when they’re stressed.’

But when Jason gets violent, Skye knows she has to take control.  She’s got to get Ben out and their mum’s useless as. The train home to Adelaide leaves first thing each morning and they both need to be on it. Now. Everything else can wait.

The Gulf is an acute, moving and uplifting story from the inimitable, alchemical imagination of Anna Spargo-Ryan.

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