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Parenting with mental illnessfrankie

The Consumerism Detox | Earthed Magazine

Blokes will be blokesMeanjin Winter 2021

Here’s why I love Melbourne when it gets coldThe Guardian

Why I Do Not Routinely Act Like A Knob Even Though I Have ADHDMeanjin

Book feature: A Room Called Earth The Big Issue #634

Book feature: Growing up Disabled in Australia The Big Issue #629

I think I speak for a lot of Australian women when I say I’m so tired after this week
The Guardian

Finding Peas
The Big Issue

Every day Melbourne wakes and waits for the news. It’s worse this time
The Guardian

At the end of days, be glad there were others

Mum’s the Word


A moment in time
Good Weekend Magazine
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Surviving the morning school run [or, School Run: A Horror Story]
SBS Life
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Why I will keep speaking out about mental health
SBS Life
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Their Grotesque Indifference
Read the full article (content warning: sexual violence)

Doomed, Enormous Love: Jennifer Down’s Pulse Points
Kill Your Darlings
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Book Review: Jean Harley Was Here by Heather Taylor Johnson
Australian Book Review
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What I’m Reading – Barking Dogs
Meanjin – February 2017
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Why speaking up about mental illness is a privilege
Daily Life
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Screen bites: did Offspring need to come back for a sixth season?
The Guardian – June 2016
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Can we not shame women for writing about their trauma?
Daily Life – May 2016
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